The Curse of Ashenby

Ashenby is a small village built in close proximity to the Ashenby Quarry. The quarry has been the lifeline of prosperity for the few families that once built the village, since they have been able to supply the workers inside the quarry and the mine with supplies. The life has been lush for the villagers for tens of years, but now out of the sudden the village has not seen or heard from any of the workers in several days. The smith in the village sent his oldest son to check with the men at the quarry if something was wrong, but he has not heard from him since the morning when he left.

Now you as a young adventurer are hired to find the smith's son and investigate what has happened to him and the workers. Are you up for the task??


This will lead you into a mythical adventure with challenges that will keep you on your toes, where your decisions and tactical thinking will be the difference between life and death. Don't be foolish, if something is to hard then you may need to return later when you have become stronger.

  1. Class based Archetypes
    We have chosen to use a class based archetype system since we are building the game heavily on tradition PnP inspiration. Chapter 1 will be released with 5 classes to choose from: Warrior, Warlock, Cleric, Ranger and Assassin. The characters class will decide what abilities it will have, what bonuses it will have with certain skills, what kind of gear it will be able to use. Our goal is that each different class will provide a completely new experience to the game.
  2. Passive and Active skill checks
    The skills that your character has will both be active and passives. For example if you have a skill called detect traps then it may be used both passively and actively. Ie if you enter an area with a trap then your character will make a passive skill check to see if you notice the trap. If this check succeeds then you will get a notification about this that you sense there may be a trap around here. If this skill check fails then you still have a chance to detect it if you as a player feels, damn this place is fishy I will make an active skill check to see if I can find any traps here. If you then are within the area the trap is located and making a successful skill check verson the difficulty of the trap then you will find the trap.
  3. Skilltree
    We will utilize a skill tree in the game. This skill tree can both unlock new skills and/or modify existing skills. For example, let's say you add a skill tree point into your Flame Missile spell as a Warlock. Then that would make so when casting your spell you would cast an additional Flame Missile that hits the target. So instead of throwing one Flame Missile which you normally would do then you throw two Flame Missiles. Another example could be that one of the Warriors Melee attack got modified to also knockdown or stund the target when being used. So not only the normal damage is applied but also a stun/knockdown.
  4. Resistances
    Resistances will be a vital part in this game. You will soon notice that having the correct resistances can make a huge difference under the right circumstances. You will notices that there are alot of resistances and with that it also becomes hard to have good values in all of them. You will have to decide if you want to be a generalist and thus have a little in most of them, or if you want to be specific and focus on a few but having alot of resistance against those instead. In the end the choice is yours, and during your playing you will learn how some monsters are and then being able to adapt yourself towards that.
  5. Challenge
    This game is designed to be a challenge, it will NOT be an easy experience. Normally in many RPG's there are "trashmobs" that basically provide no challenge at all but instead are more of a timesink and in best cases a part of the goal of one of your missions. In The Curse of Ashenby you will notices that you will need to be aware that even "trashmobs" can pose a threat to you. Also the resources you have will be limited and scarce, with that said you will not be able to rest and recover your wounds unless you either take long walk back to the village or have found enough resources to create a portal that brings you back to the village.
  6. Difficulty
    As mentioned this will be a challenging game and this means that you will most likely die and depending on what difficulty you have chosen then you will have a limited amount of lives until your character permanently dies. Currently we are planning to have 3 different difficulties: # Easy (You will have 10 lives) # Normal (You will have 3 lives) # Hardcore (1 life) So be careful with your decisions!
  7. Consider System
    Since this is a unforgiving game that will punish you for your mistakes then we also provide some tools for you to make your life a tad easier. As you won't be able to have any information about the monsters you are facing in the beginning then we will have a consider system in place that will allow you to consider and try to analyze a monster before you choose to encounter it. This MAY provide you with both correct and false info depending on your skill check as well on how often you have had encounters with the monster before. A successful check here could provide you with essential information regarding ie what kind of abilities the monster could have or what resistances it is vulnerable against.
  8. AI
    Since we aim to have the game challenging then the AI is crucial for replayability. With that said we want even the "trashmobs" to become somewhat interesting. This means that they will have different personality types and each personality type will have different roles. For example you are facing a goblin warrior. Then that that goblin could have a personality type that either is heroic, coward or cautious. The heroic could ie fight to the death, while the coward will have a high chance that he flee to seek help from friends, especially if his heroic friend dies, while the cautious will start fighting fiercely, but may turn to coward when his health is low. Then each personality type have different roles which gives them different options how they will use their abilities in the fights